2024's April, I want to use a VPN when traveling to China, so which VPN app is the most secure

2024's April, I want to use a VPN when traveling to China, so which VPN app is the most secure

You know that the most painful thing when traveling to China, is that you are completely isolated from the internet world. Why do I say that, because many of your favorite apps may not work when traveling to China. For example, applications: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, more.

For some reason, Chinese people can only use social networking apps specifically for Chinese people. Sometimes when you travel to China, you ask the local people, “Do you know the applications of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube?”. Maybe they will answer you that they don’t know.

You have no way to reach out to social networks to share your selfie, and your interesting videos to share with the audience following you.

So how can you gain access to your favorite social networks? Follow those who have experience traveling to China to know that, in order to stay connected to the rest of the world, you might need the help of VPN applications. So what are VPNs? VPN is simply an application that will help you create a secure connection to overcome barriers to access blocked websites or apps.

According to my understanding of the habits of tourists coming to China, they will look for free VPN applications to avoid wasting money but I recommend you stay away from that habit. I say that also because there is a reason, why the provider they share the free connection for you to use when it costs money that is suspicious.

If you read more carefully the terms and conditions of free VPN applications, you will find that their providers can share your sensitive personal data with the wrong third party to maintain operating costs.

That’s why I recommend staying away from free VPN apps. And below is a list of the best paid VPN apps that ensure secure connection when used to connect to the rest of the world.

NordVPN application


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surfshark VPNs


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